Pastors / Elders

At Graceland we try to follow the New Testament church model by having a plurality of leadership. We believe this was the original model used by the apostles and the early church in Jerusalem. It was also carefully described throughout the New Testament as the norm. Besides spreading out the responsibilities of the church, it has many biblical safeguards which we believe provide more stability. It also cultivates future leaders of the church by getting them involved using their gifts in ministry and learning to function together. We believe this was God’s intent from the beginning.

Of course this type of leadership starts with Christ as the only true head of the church and Chief Shepherd of His flock. Therefore our direction as an independent body of believers comes directly from His Word, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The New Testament also depicts the local church as being led by a group of men with equal authority under Christ. These men are called elders or overseers who are spiritually qualified to shepherd the flock, although they are still “sheep” themselves. Their responsibilities are to humbly preach the word, pastor the believers, pray for the body and especially lead by example in such a way that they whole church is built up into a functioning body.


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